ECO-Park in Colayo

This page will be to update visitors to the blog on the progress of the planned ECO-Park in Colayo as a base for visitors to the area and the progress of the building of a base-camp or dormitory that I hope to construct there in the near future to accomodate visitors.

Trips from Colayo Eco-Park

As well as the beautiful Tumuyok falls shown above there are a great many possible destinations for day trips from Colayo making it an ideal location for a vacation or short stay in Kalinga.

Amongst them are: the Shotgun Falls located at the head water at the boundary of mountain province and kalinga, named for the noise it makes. Several pools at binasalan creek; the creek coming from the mossy forest of Mt.Mosimos the imaginary boundary of Tinglayan and Pasil. Many mountain trekking opportunities too at Mt Sapukoy ,Mt Patand and Mt Kawitan. 

Much of the area is for pioneers, maybe the first visitors will help establish new trails too, if that appeals to you.

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